The Studio

Paul Rileys Studio
The Studio is a wonderfully airy space warmed in winter by a wood burning stove.
photo Owen Tozer

My workspace at Coombe Farm Studios is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty in South Devon England. I came here 40 years ago with my wife Tina and my three children. The studio is situated in a barn I converted so I was able to create the space I needed as well as rooms for pottery, printmaking and Tina’s jewellery. Now my children are grown up and it is my greatest pleasure to occasionally share this space with my  students and my grandchildren, as well as the pottery with my daughter Lara.

My studio is wonderfully light and spacious.  Thanks to my son in law I also now have a wood-burning stove installed so no excuses for not working in the winter! There is a stream running through our land and, as we are close to both the River Dart and the sea, the inspiration of the natural world is all around me.

Working Method

Although I love working “en plain air” the great British climate isn’t always in my favour. On these occasions  I set out with a sketchbook, find a little shelter somewhere, and then return happily to the studio space where I can control the climate and temperature. White walls allow me to tape work in progress onto them. This is helpful as I can stand back to assess it  as well as inviting  family and friends to analyse or criticise. Outside, we also have a vegetable garden with an area for cut flowers. This enables me to go and gather armfuls of colour to bring into the studio for my watercolour flower paintings. I love painting flowers and have written two books and made a video “The Magic of Watercolour Flowers” marketed by APV films.

My studio is my creative haven just a few metres from my home – and I love it.