Watercolour Painting “The Way of the Brush”

At Coombe Farm Studios: 09/10/2022 - 14/10/2022

Paul Riley Art

Understanding your tools and their uses will release the potential of your creative mind, for you will paint with greater freedom if you are at ease with your the means of getting colour onto your paper. 

This new watercolour course with Coombe’s lead tutor Paul Riley, has been developed following growing interest in Paul’s extensive use of multiple brushes in each painting. If you want to feel liberated in your watercolour painting, free from using pencil or other medium, to focus exclusively on your brush work, then this is an ideal course for you.

I’m painting in a different way, exclusively using the brush to give more fluidity and expression.. it loosens up the method of applying the paint giving an extra dimension to the work 

Each type of stroke and each effect is explained together with help in understanding individual brush types so Paul will demonstrate the various grips for specific purposes e.g. flower petals and leaves, water ripples and waves, cloud formations etc.

Various brushes are shown in the course list, which will be the minimum used – Paul has an extensive collection that participants can experiment with. They are all made from natural hair, which gives a special touch in usage and cannot be compared with artificial hair.

Paul will explain the differences and context for using each i.e  sable, squirrel goat, wolf, pony etc, including mixed types e.g. sable/squirrel.

I love to surround myself with the clutter of my trade. I have a large variety of tools and brushes – all good friends that give great pleasure and joy when used.

Paul Riley Art

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