Trees for all Seasons

At Coombe Farm Studios: 19/02/2023 - 24/11/2022

Paul Riley Art

The five day course aims to look at trees in all their magnificence throughout the seasons with the opportunity to explore the branch traceries of winter, the lush greens of Spring and Summer, and the gorgeous atmospheric golds of Autumn. Using imagination and working both from the trees in and around Coombe and from photos you will explore trees in different contexts including the countryside; their relationship to buildings and their reflections in water.

“The perceived wisdom is that, as a professional artist, you should specialise, That way you can be easily identified and therefore categorised by dealers and the public. Well I am of the Picasso school – I love to experiment on many fronts, if only because they are there! One minute I”m all abstract and the next all detail. All these experiments feed into the one another and in turn excite and develop this old artist.”

— Paul Riley

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