Written by Paul, August 25, 2020

Prague is a drawing paradise

I am fortunate to regularly visit the capital city of the Czech Republic Prague, or Praha to the locals with my Czech wife Tina.

Prague as a city is remarkably endowed with a rich profusion of architectural styles.

These vary from the early Gothic to the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Art nouveau, Art deco to the brutal concrete Communist functionalism. This variety makes for a heady mix for the draughtsman/woman to enjoy.

River Vltava

Running through the city is the very lovely river Vltava, wooded and edged with exquisite buildings and bridged by a rich variety of structures in steel, stone and concrete including the very early and famous Charles Bridge whose walkway is lined with fabulous baroque sculptures.

The river is crisscrossed by all manner of craft that I love to draw including paddle steamers both side and stern.

Upriver there are skulls and sailing boats from the various specialist clubs. The river is also a haven for swans which proliferate the shores together with a strange creature called a “Nutriant” a large beaver/rat like creature the size of a small dog.

The river Vltava reflects the magnificent architecture of this city.


When I first visited Prague back in 1989 there were very few pubs (Pivnice) and even less restaurants.

Nowadays the city is littered with both and wine bars of every type.every This makes touring the the city with views to draw, plus tempting beverages, a constant joy.

Prague abounds with exotic bar/restaurants – terrific for drawing.

Urban Sketchers Praha

Urban sketchers Prague, Czech Republic are part of an international group of dedicated sketches of their respective towns and cities.

I am fortunate to be a member of the Prague chapter which enables me to join in with like-minded draughtspersons from all over Europe, the States, Russia, South America all of whom enjoy drawing in Prague.

The subject matter is principally buildings, the river, café life. I find it keeps my hand in not to mention enjoying the company of like-minded people. In visiting the different locations I love the trams which are frequent and convenient; the older ones subjects for drawing in themselves.